Photographs & Paintings

On this page you can find introductory information about how to care for the photographs and paintings in your collection.


Best Practices


The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History offers this guide to Caring for Your Photos.

From the National Park Service, general guidelines for caring for photographs.

Also from the National Park Service, a guide to caring for color photographs.

From the Illinois Collection Preservation Network, a two-part webinar on caring for and preserving photographs and still images.

The British Library created a document exploring cold storage, conservation heating, digitization, and handling of photographic materials.


The Henry Ford’s fact sheet “The Care and Preservation of Documents and Works of Art on Paper” details how to limit damage to paper collections and the guidelines for proper care, handling, and storage.

The Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute defines a painting here and offers this guide about why paintings change over time and some basic preventative and protection measures. They also wrote a guideline for knowing when your painting needs to be cleaned and what it means to have a painting restored. This page discusses varnishes on paintings. And, lest you get too confused, they offer a handy glossary of conservation terms relating to the care of paintings. Storage and display guidelines for paintings created by the Canadian Conservation Institute.

How to create storage screens for paintings , by the National Park Service.

How to create folders for photographs:

How to house cased photographs:

How to handle paintings: